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  • Ukraine isn’t Russian territory, it’s Ukraine. The Ukrainian People’s Republic was declared on 23 June 1917 after a Ukrainian […]
  • US Government funding ran out September 30, 2021. The U.S. government owes nearly $29 trillion. U.S. state and local […]
  • Church is pleased to announce a new sermon from ▲Religion. The second annual sermon about effects of Meritocracy, a […]
  • Airbnb collects money for single-family homeowners inviting guests to share family spaces. Airbnb's $4.8 billion revenue includes guests' payments […]
  • Since February, 2011, despite welcoming government censorship before Barack Hussein Obama leaked the classified Seal Team 6‘s Pakistani invasion […]
  • Contributors edited Ethan Collins' upcoming "Do Not Mix with Alcohol" in residence. ▲Church booked its retreat above the Okavango […]
  • Imagine requesting service from a criminal, writing your travel itinerary and sending money to them all before finding that […]
  • Investors need to know not to value Airbnb’s December IPO. This year’s Airbnb IPO has generated buzz, with six […]
  • Church proposes a national real estate property tax. In 1981 The United States of America was $0 trillion dollars […]
  • Readers can now sample ▲Church author Cosmo Starlight’s “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” before pre-ordering the 100,000 word novel […]