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  • Ukraine isn’t Russian territory, it’s Ukraine. The Ukrainian People’s Republic was declared on 23 June 1917 after a Ukrainian […]
  • US Government funding ran out September 30, 2021. The U.S. government owes nearly $29 trillion. U.S. state and local […]
  • Church is pleased to announce a new sermon from ▲Religion. The second annual sermon about effects of Meritocracy, a […]
  • Airbnb collects money for single-family homeowners inviting guests to share family spaces. Airbnb's $4.8 billion revenue includes guests' payments […]
  • Since February, 2011, despite welcoming government censorship before Barack Hussein Obama leaked the classified Seal Team 6‘s Pakistani invasion […]
  • Contributors edited Ethan Collins' upcoming "Do Not Mix with Alcohol" in residence. ▲Church booked its retreat above the Okavango […]
  • Imagine requesting service from a criminal, writing your travel itinerary and sending money to them all before finding that […]
  • Investors need to know not to value Airbnb’s December IPO. This year’s Airbnb IPO has generated buzz, with six […]
  • Church proposes a national real estate property tax. In 1981 The United States of America was $0 trillion dollars […]
  • Readers can now sample ▲Church author Cosmo Starlight’s “Do Not Mix with Alcohol” before pre-ordering the 100,000 word novel […]


  • Meritocracy can't work and won't grow economies if education doesn't control jobs.
  • The ∆ Church proclaims: Obey. Which law is it referring to and where is our agreement? ∆ Church Ministry is publishing its first sermon in order to lead understanding of…

Church, The Television Show

  • Television Show cancelled. After producing seven full seasons of Church, The Television Show and the four preceding episodes of Season Eight, ▲Church Publishing  could no longer support author Cosmo Starlight plus the company’s internet infrastructure collecting […]
  • CHURCH, The Television Show Season Eight Episode Four     “Noodle keeps knocking on the door to collect rent,” The Tenant’s girlfriend warned.     “Ha! He’ll be lucky to get the front rent, much less the back rent,” […]
  • CHURCH, The Television Show Season Eight Episode Three     “Mehca,” her sister called, “Wanna join me for drinks at The Comrade?”     “The Comrade! Did you get a raise or something? That place is expensive!”     “We’re not […]
  • CHURCH, The Television Show Season Eight Episode Two     Comments posted below The Ballerina’s picture read of grief, sympathy, and support. But no one, not even her closest friends, knew what really happened. She couldn’t […]
  • ▲ CHURCH, The Television Show SEASON EIGHT By, Cosmo Starlight Copyright © 2011 Church Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, […]
  • CHURCH, The Television Show Season Seven Episode Six     “The Police are asking a lot of questions,” The Italian briefed.     “Fuck’m. It’ll go away, we were closed!” The Prince smiled, shrugged, and raised his eyebrows.     “What […]
  • CHURCH, The Television Show Season Seven Episode Five       “Holy shit, that’s crazy!”     “Did anyone get hurt?”     “The Artist is dead!”     “What’s everyone so excited about?” Noodle asked The Creep as he passed through the […]
  • CHURCH, The Television Show Season Seven Episode Four     The Italian rarely spoke to anyone directly; not his wife, his son, not his girlfriend or any of his employees, not even his lawyer. Things worked better […]
  • CHURCH, The Television Show Season Seven Episode Three       Noodle found PeopleFace addicting. When he woke up he logged on, updated his education and work history, and added his University studies: Economics and psychology. And […]